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Lighthouse Holland is the developer of the ShowDesigner software package.

ShowDesigner is a unique and user-friendly lighting and set-design software package useful in developing realistic 3D lighting simulations in both entertainment and architectural fields. Useful as a high quality production or sales presentation tool, ShowDesigner allows you to create realistic set and lighting design renderings using lighting, reflection, transparency, shadow and smoke.


MSD5 MC Edition

Many Martin Professional customers will have received a showcase version of the new MSD MC Edition together with their newly purchased controller equipment.

It is a special version of MSD which visualizes the show you are programming on one of the many Martin Professional controllers.

Products which include the MSD5 MC Edition trial license are: M1, Maxxyz Compact, all MaxModules, M-PC and the recent LightJockey II (which now all come with a Martin One-Key).

When the trial period has expired you can order a license on the Martin ShowDesigner online store.
For more information, please visit the MSD5 MC Edition section.

Video Tutorials

New on our website are some video tutorials on how to get started with MSD. You can find them in the Support section: Video Tutorials.

Martin ShowDesigner 5 Membership

Dear MSD 5 user!

For many users the renewal of their MSD5 annual Membership is coming up soon. Here’s a reminder of how the MSD Membership works:

Once the Membership has expired, the current MSD version you have will still work as normal, but access to technical support, updates and fixture libraries will no longer be available. Therefore you will be missing out on support and some new exciting features that will be coming up over the next 12 months.

On your personal profile you can always check the expiry date of your current MSD5 Membership. When a new MSD5 is purchased it will always include one full year of free Membership.

As soon as it has expired, you will need to renew for another period of 12 months. There is no advantage in waiting with a Membership renewal as the renewal period starts the day after your last Membership expired. If your Membership expired on 30th of October 2009 and you renew on 2nd of December 2009, your new annual Membership will last again until 30th of Ocotber 2010.

Purchase your Membership now, before your expiry date, and get one extra month of Membership for free!


You own an MSD 4 and wish to upgrade to MSD 5 ?
For those who already own an MSD 4 Gold or Silver license, there is an easy way to upgrade to MSD 5. We have introduced the MSD Membership support/contracts. If you sign up for this annual Membership, this will include MSD 5 with all of its new features.
Please go to our online store to subscribe: MSD Memberships


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