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MSD 6™ is one of the best real-time 3D visualizers out there, its newly designed 3D engine gives a more realistic rendering that ever before, and all this in real-time using the latest Direct X technology.

Through its user-friendly timeline control, MSD 6™ allows users to create complex presentations that include lighting, video, animated scenery, camera motion as well as animated smoke effect.

The completely re-designed user interface presents a contemporary look and enables a rapid workflow to quickly drag and drop fixtures, objects, materials and textures as well as instant access to any of the object properties.

MSD 6™ also comes with its own 3D Modeler application to quickly build objects and materials. The 3D Modeler also allows you to import the Sketchup™ format natively along with all textures and UV maps, as well as DXF format.


MSD 6 Pro™ is VectorWorks™ friendly through a PC based plug-in for Vectorworks™.
The plug-in can save the Vectorworks™ drawing in a format that can be read by MSD 6 Pro™. An intelligent system learns from previous imports to choose the right MSD fixture type to replace VW fixtures.


MSD 6™ is available in two versions : MSD 6 Pro™ and MSD 6 Lite™.
Whilst the Pro version has every possible feature to pre-visualize lighting and video in 3D, integrate moving scenery, create video animation and paper presentation, the Lite version offers the essential features to do 3D pre-visualization.
Both versions can receive DMX values from several manufacturers as well as through the ArtNet and sACN protocols or available DMX hardware.

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